Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator

Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator 3.9

Generates arbitrary oscilloscope waveforms based on multiple streaming modes

Analyzes the input data and generates waveforms based on many patterns: function, multitone, arbitrary waveform, burst tone, MLS, DTMF, music scale, white noise, pink noise, frequency and amplitude sweep, fade in or out. The output modulation is in AM, FM, or PM.

VIRTINS Sound Card Signal Generator is a powerful PC based virtual instrument. It consists of a sound card based Signal Generator and an off-line Oscilloscope. 1. The dual channel Signal Generator (Sweep/Arbitrary/Function/Burst Generator) provides the following types of waveforms for output: (1) Sine (2) Square (3) Triangle (4) Saw Tooth (5) White Noise (6) Pink Noise (7) Multi-tones (8) Arbitrary via user-configurable waveform library (9) MLS (10) Musical Scale (11) DMTF, at either a fixed frequency, or a frequency that sweeps linearly or logarithmically within specified frequency range and time duration. Amplitude sweep is supported. 2. The dual-channel off-line Oscilloscope provides four types of views: (1) Waveform display of Channel A and Channel B (2) Waveform display of Channel A + Channel B (3) Waveform display of Channel A - Channel B (4) Lissajous Pattern display for Channel A and Channel B The off-line Oscilloscope can be used to view the signal generated by the Signal Generator. It can also be used to view the WAV files recorded by other sound recording software. It is a part of VIRTINS Multi-Instrument.

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